India’s Raging Animosity with China

I don’t quite think I’ll need to make you understand as to why I believe the things that I am going to put out here, is cent per cent truthful.

Starting from China’s arrogance regarding its absolute control over its press, it’s economy, its people, applications and its neighbouring countries. China has never failed to shock us with its ever-so-vengeful tactics regarding humans of all race.

Allow me to point out few if not all:-

China’s death trap

China has a really powerful weapon, not COVID-19, not nukes, but something even more dangerous “THE ECONOMY”, and as Indians this will impact us the most. This is how China dominates, bankrupts and becomes the superpower. Right now the whole world is going through health crisis and china is pushing its border against Japan, Australia as well as   India. And if you thought this is the worse they could get, you are mistaken.

Cases in India are rising and economy is suffering. In this scenario, China wants to take advantage and wage war. The President of China, Xi Jinping publically told his military to prepare for war.

I’ll explain China’s master plan. The continent Asia and Africa have a lot of countries that need  financial help, but to take  loan from International Monetary Fund (IMF), these countries needs to meet strict criterias such as:-

  • prior action
  • quantitative performance criteria
  • indicative targets
  • structural benchmark

But China is helping them, China is funding such countries and initiating projects in countries like Srilanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal etc. But the problem is these countries may not be able to pay china back. And here China’s debt diplomacy begins. Timing is everything, and as  time passes,  the interest on these loans increase and then China comes as a hero and tells them “if you can’t pay back the money, lets operate here”. This way Chinese population in a particular country increases. Right now there are bases outside China which is used for trade but later on it can be used as military bases during war. The main part is if we see the latest investments of China we can see a pattern “we are surrounded by china”

Incase of war, India will be attacked not from one side but multiple sides. China has put us in a difficult situation. We cannot afford war. Because with money, power China has its allies all around us. Its high time we boycott china, we are late, but not in their trap yet.

China’s dicey applications.

Recently India banned several Chinese apps including, the  most infamous TIKTOK. Now that we are talking about tiktok, let me tell you that it’s common for several apps to ask permission to our gallery, camera etc. However,  tiktok takes your location without your permission. It uses the data from our sim card without warning us and according to its privacy policy it can use data from our linked social media account. Do you understand how dangerous it is?

Tiktok doesn’t use secure servers. By the way tiktok’s parent company is an artificial intelligence company. As we know the language used in AI is binary that is 0 and 1 and by using tiktok, we are letting them know what we like and what we don’t and all of these data are stored.

China enacted a law in 2017, where if you are in a Chinese company you have to share all the data collected from the user to the Chinese government for security purpose. Therefore India banned Chinese apps. India doesn’t have a proper data protection Act. Therefore we ourselves needs to be extra safe. India’s existing data privacy law, The Information Technology Act – 2000 which was amended in 2008 was inadequate in protecting people information. So this ban is due to security concern and would provide a leeway for the local start-ups.

China’s new security policy

Recently there are a lot of protests going on in Hong Kong. Let’s talk about the new security law of Hong Kong. It applies to everyone including you and me. In 1898 china and Britain entered into an agreement and Britain got the lease to control Hong Kong for 99 years. In 1997 this lease came to end and Hong Kong became a part of communist China. To make this transition smooth they made a mini constitution for Hong Kong valid till 2047 called Hong Kong basic law.

Unlike China Hong Kong relatively has less restrictions, has freedom of speech and press. It has its own currency and legal system. Hong Kong is a part of China but keeps its principles, political and legal system absolutely different from that China. It has a semi autonomous status.

But here come the Hong Kong’s security law which states that the Beijing can punish for the crime committed in Hong Kong.

But the question is how Indians are affected, can they arrest us?

Yes, they can arrest us not in India but in Chinese soil. Do not land in Hong Kong even through connecting flights. China can arrest you if you have discussed anything which includes talking against China or even supported any policy against China.

So here comes the question; How?

The answer is, through our stolen data from their various applications that we use. According to China’s new law, if you have ever discussed about Hong Kong’s, Tibet’s, Taiwan’s autonomy OR, criticised the Chinese communist party OR if ever you have supported your country’s policy against China then you are a CRIMINAL. Today there are 38,000 Indians residing in Hong Kong and we should make sure they don’t suffer due to this.

Arpita Panda
Arpita Panda

SY-BBA.LLB Student at MIT-WPU School of law