Nisha Bagal

Nisha works as a full-time content writer with Lexshastra. Nisha with her exceptional vocabulary and professional proficiency in multiple languages turns complex legal topics into rather simple yet captivating blogs and articles

Devika Ramnathkar

Devika works sporadically as a writer for Lexshastra. Devika with her sterling command over the language assists with the development of the website and other social media handles, with her creative mind Devika brings out an enticing vista for Lexshastra.

Harshini Surapaneni

Harshini works as a full time content writer with Lexshastra. Harshini with her unique skill set and excellent writing, accurately reflects legal scenarios in the country in an easy and engaging manner.

Varun Bamboli

Varun works as the Social Media Designer for Lexshastra. Varun’s experience as the head of marketing for his college’s Organisation Committee gives him the edge and the correct skillset to create alluring and attractive designs for Lexshastra.

Rutvik Sapkal

Rutvik works as the Social Media Manager for Lexshastra. Rutvik with his quick-mindedness and a keen interest in the quirks of the world – executes, monitors, and manages the content and makes the best of Lexshastra reach the world!

Amey Khardenavis

Amey works as the Social Media Curator for Lexshastra. Amey with his smart and creative style of operating finds the right content for the right audience and aligns the content in such a manner that engages and serves both – the organization and the public.

Jahnavi Khandare

jahnavi works as a full-time content writer and social media advisor for lexshastra. jahnavi with her visionary and creative mind brings out the best In us. with her brilliant Leadership quality jahnavi is an asset to the Team.

Yashu Mishra

Yashu works as a full-time content writer with Lexshastra. Yashu with her keen observation, passion for writing, and in-depth research skills, brings and creates original and striking pieces of writing for Lexshastra. With her splendid knowledge of the legal field, she tries to interpret it in various aspects.