Now, what does one mean by self-reliance? It’s a quite extensive word within itself, if I had to define the term ‘self-reliant’ it would probably be not conforming to something or someone, and explaining it in a simpler manner, as the word goes, dependent on one self or relying on one self. Coming back to COVID-19, not only has it shaken the economy but also the day to day little things that take place. If one had to describe covid-19 in a word, it would be none other than ‘gloom ridden’, truly ever since covid-19 struck it has been nothing but misery, sorrow, suffering and death.

With many countries initiating lockdowns, economic output is facing a huge fall. Many people have already lost their jobs because of the economic slowdown. India has potential to lead the world by understanding its capabilities and building over it by embracing the concept of ‘self-reliance’ as an ideology as the long-term vision for the country, to top it off this crisis also came as an eye-opening opportunity to us which pushes India as a country to become self-reliant.

Quoting the prime minister of our country, Sri Narendra Modi, “India will turn this Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity. It has taught India to be self-reliant and to reduce its dependence on imports.” Make in India is a good initiative. The government should offer more sops to Indian manufacturers to set up and scale up facilities. Apart from just setting up factories and manufacturing units, the need for the hour is to invest in innovation. Countries like China and US dominate the market . If India has to compete on the global scale, we have to ramp up domestic innovation. We have a great demographic dividend and we can certainly use it. covid-19 has impacted the economy, disrupting various sectors and business units, the government has announced an INR 20 lakh crore economic package under the Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The main mission is to make India self-reliant in key economic sectors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi listed out five ‘I’s to make India a self-reliant economy. The intent, inclusion, investment, infrastructure, and innovation are of utmost importance to make a self-reliant India, he said. India should work on converting COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity and strengthen its fight by becoming self-reliant. India becoming self-reliant is like taking power back into our own hands , over the years India has struggled , trying to push its way up , while other economies leaded the way , the pandemic that hit , majorly impacted India as a nation and the first step to be self-reliant has already been taken by setting an intention to be self-reliant, only if we work together as a nation , this goal will not seem far fetched anymore and India will be on its road to being a successful , self-reliant nation.

<strong>Harshini Surapaneni</strong> 
Harshini Surapaneni 

SY-BBA.LLB Student at MIT-WPU School of law.

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